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Westover Green Community School


Welcome to our class pages.

To find out what your children have been doing lately, please select your class from the list in the menu to the left.

Our children are in classes named after trees:

Class Year Group Age Range Teacher Teaching Assistant/s
Plum EYFS 4-5 years Mrs Gibbard

Mrs Davies

Miss Hale

Miss Lock

Mrs Mullins

Miss Hankinson

Mulberry EYFS 4-5 years Miss FitzJohn
Apple  1 5-6 years Mrs Kent Mrs Csiskos-Hazi
Cherry 1 5-6 years Miss Basten Mrs Haste
Pear  2 6-7 years Mrs Rossiter Mrs Reece
Willow 2 6-7 years Miss Bradley Mr Thomas
Holly 3 7-8 years Mrs Davis Mrs Seal
Silver Birch 3 7-8 years Miss Bell Mrs Rogers
Cedar 4 8-9 years

Mrs Braund

Mrs Ruddock

Mrs Sparkes
Larch 4 8-9 years

Mrs Stevens

Mr Boucher

Mrs Parkin
Elm 5 9-10 years Mrs Jolley
Sycamore 5 9-10 years Miss Thompson Miss Rentmore
Beech 6 10-11 years Mrs Barnes

Mrs Ingram

Ms Pywell

Rowan 6 10-11 years Mr Bestwick

Mrs Costick

Miss Monroe

Ash KS1 4-7 years Mrs Clarke

Ms Pearce

Miss Nicholson

Miss Evans

Miss Clapp

Mr Loat

Oak KS2 7-11 years Mrs Clarke

Miss Saunders

Miss Howe

Mrs Kolasa

Mrs King