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Early Years Foundation Stage

Hello and a warm welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) page 2020-2021. EYFS consists of two classes called Plum Class and Mulberry Class. Miss Robinson is the class teacher of Plum class and Mrs Gibbard is the teacher of Mulberry class and also the EYFS lead. We work as part of a team with Miss Hale, Miss Reece, Miss Lock, Mrs Mullins, Miss Plenty and Miss Salter.

The staff working across the foundation stage are:

Miss Lock, Mrs Gibbard, Miss Robinson, Mrs Reece, Miss Plenty, Miss Hale, and Mrs Mullins

Plum Class

Mulberry Class

We have school Spaces availble for September 2021-2022

Does your child require a school place for September 2021? We can provide virtual tours upon request. Please contact our friendly office staff for further information or to register your interest. Telephone: 01278 422943

Email: office@westovergreenschool.org.uk

Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview-Autumn A

Curriculum Overview-Autumn B

Curriculum Overview-Spring A

Curriculum Overview-Spring B

Curriculum Overview-Summer A

Curriculum Overview- Summer B


The children will be bringing home phonics folders with the phonemes that they are learning each week. We will hand out the phonemes on a Monday and collect them in on a Friday. Please encourage your child to colour their picture and write the letter formation. Thank you for your support.

Your children have phonemes (phonics cards) in their book bags. Please encourage your child to tell you the sounds the letters make.

Please click here to find out about phonics and how to say the phonemes

Please click here to find out how to support your child with maths.

Click here to support your child with little ways to make a big difference.

Recently in EYFS

Summer A- Superheroes

Plum and Mulberry have all been superheroes this year. We have had to adapt to changes and all of the children have coped brilliantly.

The children have enjoyed listening to the story of Supertato and finding the 'evil pea'. Superworm has also been a popular choice for the children and they often chant the chant and retell parts of the story.

This term has been very busy and we have taken part in lots of activities. So far, we have been to the forest, made Superworms using clay or playdough, made mud pies using angel delight, and played on the field (when the weather has been kind). Phonics and number sessions have also been really enjoyed by the children as you will see from the photos below.

Using our mud kitchen.

Getting ready to explore the forest area at school.

Trying to find the evil pea in the jelly.

Making nests on the field.

Moving the tyres on the field.

Using bricks to get from one side to the other. What good team work!

Smashing our biscuits to make our mud pies.

Taste testing our mud pies.

Making Superworm using playdough.

Writing numbers.

Writing high frequency words.

Making Superworm using beads.

Summer A- Returning to school after Easter

The children have all settled back to school really well after the Easter holidays. They have really enjoyed watching and holding the chicks we hatched over Easter. The children's names for the chicks were placed into a hat and the new names are:

1. Princess 2. Rosie 3. Jessica 4.Chicky Licky 5. Hazel

The children have enjoyed holding the chicks carefully and watching them in class.


After returning to school after the Easter break we were able to see our butterflies that had emerged from the cocoons. The children were fascinated with the way the butterflies eat their food. We had so many good discussions about healthy eating in relation to the butterflies because they love to eat fruit.

Our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons The children enjoyed watching the butterflies The butterflies enjoyed eating their fruit

We enjoyed seeing them eat. They eat differently to us. We let the butterflies go in our garden

Happy Easter

Thank you for all of your positive comments and support this half term, we really do appreciate every positive comment.

Mrs Gibbard has taken the eggs home for Easter and will keep you updated with any progress over the Easter holidays. Pictures will be added below.

Miss Robinson has taken the caterpillars home. They will need to eat and grow some more before they place themselves inside a cocoon but we will also keep you updated on any progress during half term.

31st March 2021

There are 11 eggs in the incubator

1st April 2021

The eggs are starting to 'pip'

2nd April 2021

The eggs are starting to hatch

Welcome back to school.

We have been very impressed with how well the children have adapted to returning to school. The children have had beaming smiles, positive words, and lots of laughter. One child commented that phonics was their favourite part of their day which is great to hear. The bikes and scooters have been a popular choice for the children this week. We are so pleased to have all of the children back to school.

We are learning about lifecycles this half term and watching seeds, bulbs, potatoes, caterpillars, and hopefully chicks, grow. We have wrote our letters to the farmer to ask for some eggs to hatch.

World Book Day

All of the children in foundation stage love listening to stories and they always ask for another story. Today the children were able to listen to focus on reading all day. We really enjoyed watching the children snuggle up in their PJ's to read a book of their choice. The children also enjoyed telling their own stories during 'helicopter story time.'


We discovered lots of information about the Christingle and what each part of the orange represents. The children really enjoyed making their Christingle orange and surprised us when they saved the sweets until home time. We hope they were able to tell you that the orange represents the world, the red ribbon represents love and blood of Jesus, the candle represents the light in the world and the sweets represent the fruits of the earth as well as the four seasons.

Christmas dinner day

We are so proud of the children in Foundation Stage for sitting and eating their lunch in the hall. This was the first time the children had been to the hall to eat lunch this year. All of the children had beaming smiles and really enjoyed the lunch provided. It was fantastic to see so many Christmas jumpers. Thank you to the dinner ladies for cooking our lunch and to Mrs Pople and Miss Criddle for serving our delicious Christmas dinners.



The Jolly Christmas Postman

Discovering all of the letters in the Jolly Christmas Postman book has created lots of interest in foundation stage. The children have really enjoyed playing with the post office and learning about money. After discovering the Jolly Christmas Postman visited the gingerbread man, the children were keen to learn the story and make gingerbread men biscuits.

The Gruffalo

This week we have listened to lots of stories but our favourite has been the Gruffalo. We love the journey the mouse takes us on and we have had great fun meeting and playing with all of the animals in the wood (in toy form). We have spent time in the forest looking for animals and making Gruffalo crumble, yummy! As you can see from the pictures, we became very muddy in the forest school.

This week the children have loved using small keys to unlock padlocks and rescue the animals that have been trapped in the wood. We have also seen some fantastic cutting to make masks as well as great segmenting to write a thought bubble for one of the woodland creatures. The children have also been drawing or painting a Gruffalo.

The children have enjoyed exploring number and using Lego to improve their fine motor skills.

Children in need 12.11.20

The children have had a fantastic day in their own clothes for children in need. We have completed activities throughout the day with a Pudsey theme. Thank you for your donations for children in need. We will keep you updated with how much we raise.

Remembrance Day 11.11.20

Plum and Mulberry joined the rest of the school in an online assembly using Teams. We listened carefully to understand why we wear a poppy and listened to the older children reading. At 11 O'clock we held a 2 minute silence.

We spent time during the day creating poppies using tissue paper and glue, colouring pens, and paint.

We're going on a bear hunt.

For the first two weeks of Autumn B term we have been listening and learning the story of 'we're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. The children have thoroughly enjoyed retelling and acting out the story in their small world play. The 'cave' has also been a great success and the children have loved taking it in turns to be the bear.

We have had the game of 'we're going on a bear hunt' and the children have been fantastic at taking turns and sharing.

Clipboards have been provided in the outdoor classroom and the children have been asking and recording if there are any problems that need overcoming.

We can't go over it, we can't go under it, oh no! We have to go through it...

Forest school

Forest school is helping our children to develop their physical skills. The children have had to climb over tree stumps, forage through leaves and jump off the stumps. We have also found dens to hide in, doors to knock on, different shapes in the leaves, and some children have made triangles with sticks. We love getting outside in the fresh air to learn.

Room on the broom.

This week we are listening to the story of room on the broom. This book has really captured the children's imaginations and they have been zooming around using their broomsticks on the playground. In class, the children have been continuing to learn their phonics and numbers. They have all loved taking the spiders out of the spider web using tweezers and printing using stamps. Playing with the babies and making train/car tracks have also been activities which the children have spent lots of time enjoying.

Super Me!

Our story this week is a tale about facing fears, superhero style. The children have really enjoyed role playing superheroes and using their kind hands to help their friends. We have discussed what it takes to be 'super' and all the children have realised that they are super at learning.

We have enjoyed learning our phonics using puppets this week.

Think big Humpty!

This week we have read a book called think big Humpty which is a story about what the characters would like to be when they grow up. The children have been discussing what they would like to be when they grow up as well as learning all about the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty.

The children have drawn some great circles on the playground and made some fantastic pictures of Humpty Dumpty.

Our first week at School

The children have been settling into our new routine and learning how to share and take turns with their friends. We have been so proud of how the children have started school without taking part in transitions first.

The children have been enjoying their wake and shake dances and their favourites so far are 'Superhero' and 'The pizza song.' They have also enjoyed listening to stories about starting school and discussing colours through the colour monster book. Some children have created a colour monster stick puppet.

Message to Parents - Foundation Stage new intake 2020-2021

Hello and welcome to our school. If you have any questions or messages please speak to a member of the EYFS team or email us at EYFS@westovergreenschool.org.uk


Here is a link to someone saying the phonemes we learn in phonics. It is really important not to add any 'u' sounds when we read any letters. For example if we say the letter m we say 'mmmmm' rather than 'mu'. Please watch the video: Phonics sounds

If we add the 'u' and wanted to read a word such as man it would become muanu if we added the 'u' sound.

We really appreciate your support with helping your child to learn their phonics once they have started school.

Things parents can do to help

We appreciate getting ready for transition to school, for parents with preschool aged children who would ordinarily be in childcare settings, is a new challenge. There are lots of resources available that can help you have fun at the same time as supporting your child's learning and sense of independence.

You could try singing nursery rhymes together and there are lots of videos online if you would like some guidance. There is a link to the BBC nursery rhymes here: BBC nursery rhymes

Or you could play a number game such as Bud's number garden. The link is available here: Bud's number garden. There are other number games available for free at Top marks or the cbeebies website has lots of great games too.

During this time you might want to help your child make an all about me picture which might include some of your child's likes, dislikes and interests.

There are lots of things you can do at home to help develop independence skills such as encouraging your child to use the toilet and getting into good sleep habits.

Whilst these ideas are provided to help and support you, please remember that preschool aged children don't need to do lots of schoolwork prior to starting school. Developing skills such as getting dressed and undressed ready for PE and using a knife and fork are key skills which can be easily supported at home. The simple things can really help your child for example, becoming familiar with letter names, recognising numbers and counting. Talking with your child is a key principle that will help unlock your child's education.

Please speak to your child about starting school. Whilst are facing uncertainty at the moment, a conversation could include "we are waiting for a message to tell us when you're going to visit your new school, isn't that really exciting?" It is really exciting, for them and for us and we cannot wait to meet your child and see their progress throughout their first year in school.

We look forward to meeting you all soon and if you have any questions in relation to starting school please contact us at EYFS@westovergreenschool.org.uk

Take care, Mrs Gibbard

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