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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Early Years Foundation Stage

Hello and a warm welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) page 2021-2022. EYFS consists of two classes called Plum Class and Mulberry Class. Miss Robinson is the class teacher of Plum class and Mrs Gibbard is the teacher of Mulberry class and also the EYFS lead. We work as part of a team with Miss Hale, Mrs Reece, Miss Salter and Miss Evans.

Mr Thomas and Mrs Leveigh support our learning once a week.

The staff working across the foundation stage are:


Mrs Gibbard, Miss Robinson, Miss Hale, Mrs Reece, Miss Salter and Miss Evans.

Plum Class

Mulberry Class

We have school Spaces availble for September 2021-2022

Does your child require a school place for September 2021? We can provide virtual tours upon request. Please contact our friendly office staff for further information or to register your interest. Telephone: 01278 422943

Email: office@westovergreenschool.org.uk

Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview


The children will be bringing home phonics folders with the phonemes that they are learning each week. We will hand out the phonemes on a Monday and collect them in on a Friday. Please encourage your child to colour their picture and write the letter formation. Thank you for your support.

Your children have phonemes (phonics cards) in their book bags. Please encourage your child to tell you the sounds the letters make.

Please click here to find out about phonics and how to say the phonemes

Please click here to find out how to support your child with maths.

Click here to support your child with little ways to make a big difference.

Recently in EYFS

Spring 1

Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister

Lost and found by Oliver Jeffers.

The weather has been perfect for discussing the south pole and Artic conditions. The children have been fascinated to discover that polar bears live with in the North Pole and penguins live in the south pole. We have all enjoyed playing with the ice and learning about where ice comes from and where it goes.

Autumn 2

Our Christmas party.

Plum and Mulberry enjoyed wearing their party clothes and dancing the afternoon away before siting down to party food. Due to COVID-19 many children have not experienced a party with friends. They were all very excited by the balloons and lights.

Our singing Nativity

Please have a look at our special awareness days and weeks on the COVID-19 section of our website. You will find the videos of our Christmas songs. Or click here: Special awareness days and weeks


We discovered how to make a Christingle and learnt about the meaning behind each part. The orange represents the world. The ribbon represents Gods love. The candle represents the light in the world. The four sticks represents the seasons and the sweets represent the joy in each season.

We really enjoyed making our Christingle oranges.

Our Christmas dinner day

Our Christmas activities

There have been many stories read and the children have enjoyed them all. Instead of only focusing on one story we have used lots of different stories throughout our play this week. The children particularly loved elf on the shelf activities and our Jolly Christmas Post Office.

Choosing our learning time

We made melted snowman biscuits.

For earning 5 Plums in Plum class and 5 Mulberries in Mulberry class, the children were rewarded with a treat of their choice. We used rich tea biscuits as a base then covered it with icing sugar,, before putting a marshmallow and a strawberry lace on. As you can see, they all really enjoyed this activity.

Games on the playground

One of the children's favourite games to play is 'duck, duck, goose.' After playing the game with adults, the children decided to create their own line of 'duck, duck, goose'. Throwing and catching is also really enjoyed by the children and they have to say the name of the other child before throwing the ball.

Choosing our learning time

Reading in EYFS

Reading is lots of fun and we love looking at the pictures in the stories. Here are two of our favourite books this half term: An under the sea non fiction book and Stickman by Julia Donaldson

Choosing our learning time

Number Sessions

During our number sessions the children have been learning about a part-part-whole and how two numbers added together make a new number.

Choosing our learning

The children have enjoyed creating using our shapes and gears. Some children have created masks and others have been using their busy bee books to write their letters.

15th November- 19th November

'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen

This week we really did go on a bear hunt! We couldn't go over it, we couldn't go under it, we had to go through it. Our forest school provides a fantastic experience for the children and what better way to explore the forest school than on a bear hunt?

The children came to school wearing their forest school clothes and carrying their bears to help them on our journey. We had lots of fun splashing through the 'river' and squelching in the mud.

The children have voted and this week their favourite learning has been learning phase 3 phonics.

Odd Sock day- 12th November 2021

Odd sock day is an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate individuality and what makes us unique.

8th November - 12th November

This week we have started to learn the story of 'We're going on a bear hunt' and the children have been fabulous at retelling the story on the playground and during their play.

During a forest school session, the children were lucky enough to have a campfire with Mr Thomas. All of the children toasted a marshmallow (all dietary requirements were catered for).

Despite the amazing campfire, climbing trees happened to be the children's favourite activity in the forest (sorry Mr Thomas!)

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

The story of the Gruffalo has lots of different animals and habitats. We have enjoyed discovering new information about where the animals live and what they like to eat. Some children have made pictures and others have enjoyed number activities.

2nd November- 5th November

We have started the term by learning about fireworks and Diwali, the festival of light. The children have been learning about how to stay safe near fireworks and bonfires.

As a treat for collecting 5 Plums in Plum class and Mulberry collecting 5 Mulberries, the children made 'sparklers' using breadsticks and sprinkles (all dietary requirements were catered for).

The children were so excited to visit the jungle gym/trim trail on the field and we loved watching all of the determination to keep on trying.

Autumn 1

Hello Yellow day

We helped raise money to support a Mental Health charity for hello yellow day

Choosing our learning time

The children enjoy a wide variety of activities inside the classroom, in the outdoor classroom and on the playground. The children have enjoyed role playing doctors, using their balancing skills, and creating tracks using Mobilo.

Gross motor skills

We have been reading lots of different books and decided to draw our favourite characters on the playground using chalks. We hope you enjoy our creations.

Our first few weeks at school

The children have settled in really well and have been enjoying lots of activities whilst we get to know each other. The children have enjoyed discovering the areas of the classroom and really enjoy the bikes and scooters on the playground.

Message to Parents - Foundation Stage new intake 2021-2022

Hello and welcome to our school. If you have any questions or messages please speak to a member of the EYFS team or email us at EYFS@westovergreenschool.org.uk


Here is a link to someone saying the phonemes we learn in phonics. It is really important not to add any 'u' sounds when we read any letters. For example if we say the letter m we say 'mmmmm' rather than 'mu'. Please watch the video: Phonics sounds

If we add the 'u' and wanted to read a word such as man it would become muanu if we added the 'u' sound.

We really appreciate your support with helping your child to learn their phonics once they have started school.

Things parents can do to help

We appreciate getting ready for transition to school, for parents with preschool aged children who would ordinarily be in childcare settings, is a new challenge. There are lots of resources available that can help you have fun at the same time as supporting your child's learning and sense of independence.

You could try singing nursery rhymes together and there are lots of videos online if you would like some guidance. There is a link to the BBC nursery rhymes here: BBC nursery rhymes

Or you could play a number game such as Bud's number garden. The link is available here: Bud's number garden. There are other number games available for free at Top marks or the cbeebies website has lots of great games too.

During this time you might want to help your child make an all about me picture which might include some of your child's likes, dislikes and interests.

There are lots of things you can do at home to help develop independence skills such as encouraging your child to use the toilet and getting into good sleep habits.

Whilst these ideas are provided to help and support you, please remember that preschool aged children don't need to do lots of schoolwork prior to starting school. Developing skills such as getting dressed and undressed ready for PE and using a knife and fork are key skills which can be easily supported at home. The simple things can really help your child for example, becoming familiar with letter names, recognising numbers and counting. Talking with your child is a key principle that will help unlock your child's education.

Please speak to your child about starting school. Whilst are facing uncertainty at the moment, a conversation could include "we are waiting for a message to tell us when you're going to visit your new school, isn't that really exciting?" It is really exciting, for them and for us and we cannot wait to meet your child and see their progress throughout their first year in school.

We look forward to meeting you all soon and if you have any questions in relation to starting school please contact us at EYFS@westovergreenschool.org.uk

Take care, Mrs Gibbard