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Westover Green Community School

Year 1 Cherry

Welcome to our class page. I am Miss Basten, the class teacher and Mrs Haste is our fabulous assistant. We hope you enjoy looking at our page where you can see a snapshot of all our exciting, challenging and fun learning opportunities we achieve at school. 

Curriculum Maps

Below is a copy of our Curriculum Overviews. This shows the different topics we will learn about each term as well as what your child will be learning in each subject. 

 Autumn Term (September - December)                                                                                   Spring Term (January - March)                                                                                           Summer Term (April - July)


Autumn Newsletter 2019

Sharing Letters & Timetable 

Sharing Letter: Every Friday afternoon we will send out a Sharing Letter to share with you what your child will be learning in the following week. Any important messages will be shared at the top of the letter as well a website of the week that we feel will help embed your child's learning and will be linked to our class topic. Our topic for the next two weeks will be Carnivals linking to our last topic of South America. 

Sharing Letter 11th - 15th November

 Timetable- From 4th November P.E will now be on a Tuesday. 

November - December Timetable (this may change so keep checking!)

Recently in Cherry Class...

A big heart - felt "Thank you" for all of your time and support with the Carnival Cart workshops with your children last week. The children came back to class with great big smiles on their faces, proud as punch about the "South American" Carnival cart they had designed and made with you. The carnival parade marked a tremendous end to  a marvellous week. Thank you for all getting in the spirit and waving your maraca's, banging your drums and shaking your tambourines. I think they gave Bridgwater Carnival a run for their money!  


It's Carnival Time...!

The children have had a great week learning to develop their D&T skills in class and in their South American Carnival Cart workshops that took place in the hall. The children have learnt about moving parts such as wheels and axles and have had a go at using the saws and glue guns to create their marvellous carnival carts. A brilliant week full of support from parents, imagination, creativity, smiles all round and our very own carnival parade in the playground as our grand finale.

 South America 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about South America! The children now know where to find this on a world map, have learnt about the different countries that make up South America, the landmarks, the vast amount of animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest, the indigenous people, and what the Amazon Rainforest is used for. They then used all this information to make their own information books filled with facts and captions about South America. Below are a few photos of our Creativity week where the children created Peruvian Arpillera pictures using coloured paper and card as well as wrapping yarn to create their Alpaca's. They also used clay to sculpt and paint their own rainforest animal which they had designed. To end the week they lastly painted their own talking stick using South American geometric patterns with their own tribal patterns on their face to really look the part. Tribe Cherries what a fantastic few weeks of learning! 

 Julia Donaldson

The children have enjoyed learning across the curriculum through the stories of Julia Donaldson. They loved taking on the different roles of characters from the stories "Sharing a Shell" and "A Squash and a Squeeze" through hot seating and role play. Some of them were very convincing! The children also made a fabulous "Betty" from "The Scarecrow's Wedding as part of our Design and Technology lessons. The children in Apple Class made "Harry". 

In Maths the children have been learning to use the words "more than", "less than", "greater than" and "equal to" to compare numbers up to 10. The children have challenged themselves by using the > < and = to signs. 

In Computing the children explored how to use a Beebot. They were set a challenge to see if they could predict how far the Beebot would move by pressing the forward button just once. They placed one cube next to their Beebot and the second cube where they thought their Beebot would stop. Some of the children had a harder challenge and placed their cube in a chosen destination and programmed their Beebot to go a further distance based on what they already knew. This was being a connecting spider. 

In P.E the children have been learning how to aim and throw a ball at a target. Some of the activities have involved knocking a target over using a tennis ball, hitting a larger ball with a smaller ball so that it moves, rolling a ball in between two tram lines as well as rolling a ball into a hoop. We discussed good techniques by bending our knees, looking at our target and applying enough force to get our ball to the target. A lot of resilience and determination was shown by lots of children. Ana and Jaylen didn't give up for 15 minutes! What great Resilient Lions!

In Art the children have been learning how to create different shades and tints of a colour by adding white or black. The children then learnt how to make secondary colours by mixing two primary colours together and then used their knowledge to paint a self portrait of themselves which we have hung on "Our Wonderful Wall of Work" in class.