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World Book Day was amazing! Everyone had a great day talking about books. The 'work out the book' competition was particularly challenging.

As part of our Roman topic, in English we have been studying the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus. Once we had learnt the story we frieze-framed the main action.

King Amulius takes the

throne of Alba Longa

from his brother.

A shepherd takes the twins

from the she-wolf that

rescued them from the river.

Romulus and Remus are

offered the throne of

Alba Longa but decline.

Silver Birch enjoyed learning about forces - focusing on friction and magnets. We learnt new vocabulary (attract, repel, magnetic) and discovered which metals are magnetic.

We tested friction on

different surfaces.

We explored magnetic


We carried out an

experiment to find the s

strongest magnet.

Y3 spent a wonderful day following the River Avil from source to mouth. It was a magical day. Not only did we find the source of the river but saw some wild ponies, red deer and roe deer.

We followed the water to

the source.

We walked over the bridge

looking out for the features.

Finally we arrived at the

beach and located the mouth.

We combined Geography, Art and ICT to create 'The Water Cycle'.

We presented our river posters to the class, explaining the journey of a river from source to mouth.

We worked in groups to create large river posters to explain the journey of a river.

Working together on a

river poster.

Everyone has ideas. Everyone having a go.

In Maths we have been learning about length. We used different equipment to measure different objects. We learnt to convert cm, m and mm. We were then able to compare the lengths of different objects.

We enjoyed measuring

different objects.

We compared our heights

and ordered ourselves.

We compared the lengths

of different objects.

In Science this term we investigated rocks, soils and fossils.

We studied the properties

of rocks. Here we are

testing the hardness.

We explored different

soil types.

We made fossils from

plaster of paris.

Pete the Poet came to work with us. We learnt about community and inclusion.

We all chose a puppet or

animal to become friends


Then we imagined a piece

of cloth was a magic


We took our furry friends

on a magical carpet


Westover's Wonderful Word Day was a day of delight with lots of different and interesting words. What word would you be?

Creative, colourful words.

A real 'hodgepodge' of


An explorer.

We had a visit from the museum service and learnt about animal bones. We even used a program to look inside our own bodies.

Learning about animal


Looking closely at the


We can see our bodies.

Art was great fun! We learnt a range of skills including printing, painting and collage.

We worked together to

recreate cave paintings.

We made woolly


A herd of woolly mammoths.

We enjoyed learning about Stonehenge.

We researched Stonehenge.

We built it using wooden


We even tried building with


We read and studied a book called Stone Age Boy to help us learn about the Stone Age.

We worked in teams of three

to tell the story of

The Stone Age Boy

One person narrated and

the other two took the parts

of the boy and his friend Om.

We all took a turn to act

out parts of the book.

To understand how important food was in the Stone Age we became a Stone Age family and acted out hunting for food in the wild life area.

We worked as a stone age

family to hunt wild animals.

We dragged and carried the

dead animal back to

our camp.

We worked together to

skin the animal and cut

up the meat for food.

We began our topic on the Stone Age by reviewing a range of stone age books - fiction and non-fiction.

Reviewing a

non-fiction book

Non-fiction comes in all

shapes and sizes

This book mixes fiction

with non-fiction

In RE we have been learning about Christian beliefs. We thought about Jesus and the type of person he must have been. We all had different ideas about the many parts of his character.

We worked in small

groups to order the

character traits.

Finally the pieces are

beginning to come


At last the final piece.

We are all happy

with the outcome.

We began our addition focus with some revision of key facts. We enjoyed adding multiples of ten and creating a family of facts.

We worked in groups of

three to create a number


We then showed everyone

how to create a family

of facts.

We all chose different

number sentences

to work with.

To help us write a diary as the character of Little Evie we focused on key parts of the story and considered what Evie would think and feel. We then stood by Evie and spoke out her thoughts and feelings.

I wonder what animals I

will see in the wild wood


I think that the wolf will

be pleased with the

gift I have for her.

I am sad to say goodbye

to my friend the wolf

after such a happy day.

We have been studying a book by author illustrator Jackie Morris called 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood'. As part of our learning with frieze framed parts of the story to help us understand the structure. We went into our wild life area to create a more authentic setting.

Little Evie waits for the wolf

whilst other animals watch

and wait.

Tired after a day of

excitement the wolf takes

Evie home on her back.

Little Evie greets her mama

as the wolf returns to

the wild wood.

As part of our learning about Africa we created a map. Whilst we were working we talked about the many different countries and cultures in Africa.

We each took a small part

of the map of Africa.

We matched the colours

and took care placing

the tissue.

Finally we put each part

together to create

a map of Africa.

During our creativity week we studied Africa - we looked at African patterns.

First we painted the


Then we printed the


Finally we put the strips

together to create a


Spelling is never boring when you have words to read and sort into families. Our learning was focused on the suffixes ed and ing. Did you know there are different rules for adding these suffixes?

We worked in teams to

find word families.

Everyone worked together.

We enjoyed the challenge

of finding the suffixes

ed and ing.

We worked individually to design and make dragon eyes from clay. We used a marble to represent the centre of the eye. Once the clay was dry we focused on painting a detailed design to make the eye come to life.

We shaped the clay into

our dragon eye shape.

We used different tools

to create different


We made sure the marble

represented the eye.

Once the dragon eye was

we very carefully painted it.

We worked really hard to

recreate the detail of our


Here are some of the

eyes. Which eye do

you like?

We worked in small teams to dramatise the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood is

picking some flowers.

The wolf is watching her.

Grandma is in the wardrobe.

Little Red Riding Hood

is asking the wolf questions.

Little Red Riding Hood is

home drinking tea with her


During an RE lesson thinking about God and the Bible we acted out the parable of the Lost Sheep.

The shepherd was looking

after the sheep.

The shepherd was counting

the sheep. One was


Finally the shepherd

found the lost sheep.

The Dragons are back!! Y3 were tasked with investigating the Forest School Area for evidence of dragons! We found foot prints and eggs.

A large wet foot print was

found in the entrance to the

Forest School Area.

On the ground among the

ivy a magical dragon

egg was spotted.

A dragon egg was

even found among a

pile of twigs and branches.

A dragon reading zone appeared in the Library. This was very fortunate as we have been studying the Jackie Morris book 'Tell Me A Dragon'.

We sat and listened to the


The flames coming from

the dragon's mouth

appeared to move!!

We really did not like the

look of the spiky tail.

On the European Day of Languages we all took time to learn words in a variety of languages.

We picked a flag and said

'Hello' in the language the

flag represented.

Some of the languages

were quite tricky.

We enjoyed playing a

matching game and

then finding out a fact.

Learning to use a dictionary is very important. In Silver Birch class we are determined to improve and extend our vocabulary.

We began by learning

about the layout.

We each had a word to


Finding the right page

could be a challenge.

We worked in teams to assemble a skeleton. It was quite challenging putting the bones together.

Firstly we assembled the

ribs and pelvis.

Next we added the legs,

arms and skull.

Finally we added labels.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the human skeleton. We started by thinking about the bones we could already name.

First we drew around

one of us.

Then we worked together

to add the bones we

could name.

Finally we looked at the

results and discussed

the next steps.

We took advantage of the autumn sunshine to work in the Forest School area drawing leaves.

We took our sketch books and

found a good spot to

look closely at the leaves.

Some of us decided to stay

in the story telling area.

The dappled sunshine

brought out the many

colours of the leaves.

Gymnastics was great fun with Mr Hammond. We revised four basic shapes and then we worked together to create a sequence of moves.

The warm up was very


What sort of shape are we

practising here?

What sort of shape is this?

As part of our Science topic on 'Animals including Humans' we used the ipads to research the foods different animals eat.

First we found a website

lots of interesting information.

We worked together to

read the information.

Finding out about foxes

was very popular.

In English we have been learning a local Somerset legend - The 'Gurt Wurm' of Shervage Wood. It tale begins during the Bridgwater Fair. We acted out buying and selling at the Fair and told our stories about the 'Gurt Wurm'.

Would you like some freshly

baked bread?

Here is your change, I hope

you enjoy the pies.

A basket full of lovely

juicy whortleberries.

In Science we are thinking about food groups and the importance of a healthy balanced diet.

We sorted the food into

different food groups.

We found lots of healthy

fruit and vegetables.

We successfully managed

to sort all the food.

Our first PE lesson of the year was great fun! Mr Hammond reminded us how to use the Active Inspire Playground markings. We had a wonderful time jumping, running, skipping and so much more.

Jumping in and out of the

shape was hard work.

Remembering all the muscle

strengthening exercises was

so much fun!

High knees was exhausting

but so much fun to do!

Silver Birch Spent the first week of term exploring different areas of Maths as part of a mindfulness unit to help us to understand how are brains 'grow' when we learn.

We worked with four

triangles to create different


We had to follow a set of

rules which made the

activity far more challenging

We still thought about

presentation and used a

ruler whenever possible.