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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page 2020-2021. Year 6 consists of two classes: Beech and Rowan. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the children back. Please keep your eyes on this page as we share aspects of your child's learning and experiences throughout the year, as well as letters and updates relevant to Year 6.


E-Safety letter to parents 25.03.21 - please click here

Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview


Homework in Year 6 is set weekly and consists of the following:


Children should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 times per week. By Year 6, this should mainly be independent; however, we recommend that on occasions they read aloud to an adult and the adult can check their understanding (comprehension) by asking some questions on what they have just read.


At the start of each half term, we send out an overview of the spellings that must be learnt each week. On this overview, it highlights to the children when they should expect a test on these words. The weekly spellings link closely to the spelling rules and patterns that we focus on in class at the time the words are set.


Homework is set alternate weekly for maths, focusing on the skills and content of the previous two weeks of learning. We set the homework in class and the children write this in the contents page of their homework book (on the timetable stuck in), which is good practice for secondary school. Children are then expected to complete their homework by the deadline we set.

English - SPAG focus

On the opposite weeks to maths, SPAG homework will be set. This will be set in exactly the same way as described above in maths.

Recently in year 6

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Autumn Term

Outdoor Geography

Year 6 launched the year by completing orienteering tasks in Geography. This teamwork focused activity taught us how to read and orientate maps, as well as settling everyone back into school after the lockdown period.

Adjectives in the forest

We used our fantastic outdoor learning spaces to help with selecting and using adjectives.


Staying active with the 'Hoop Hop Showdown' and other activities

Games afternoon

Building communication, co-operation and new friendships through a games afternoon.

Science and Outdoor Learning

Using our natural environment to develop our understanding of classification


We have been loving reading our class book recently!


Lots of concentration involved whilst sketching leaf patterns. We looked at developing our sketches by sketching, looking for a small part to improve, giving it a go and repeating.

Day of the Dead

Linked to our Mexico Learning Expedition theme, we dressed up as people may do when celebrating Day of the Dead. During the day, we completed lots of activities to gain a better understanding of the festival.

Chocolate Coin Challenge!

Each day in December, we had a chocolate coin challenge as our advent calendar for a couple of children to complete. On the last day, we all had to take part! Half of us were blindfolded and our partner had to lead us to a place value coin. We could then use this to go to the shop, answer a general knowledge question and receive our chocolate prize!

Outdoor Learning

We had our first Year 6 fire lighting and tools session! This was based on survival skills and learning how to stay safe. Once we had successfully prepared and lit the fire, we toasted marshmallows; what a treat!

Science - Light

We have been investigating light and shadow in Year 6. Photos below show us trying to eliminate the shadow of a bottle, and conduct an experiment to investigate the relationship between the distance of a light source and the height of the shadow.

Christmas Dinner

We enjoyed a very nice Christmas Dinner together to finish off the Autumn Term!

Spring Term

The following photos are from our Year 6 Lockdown Bubble.

Arithmetic Orienteering

A great way for us to get outside, active and boost our arithmetic skills.

Biodiversity - Bug Hotels

This term, we are focusing on Biodiversity. To help the biodiversity of our school site, we have been busy creating bug hotels.

Outdoor Maths

Taking our learning outside to understand co-ordinates


The rain didn't deter us from maintaining and developing our Year 6 garden. In fact, we loved every minute of it and enjoyed every puddle too!

Reading Outside

We love reading and outdoors, so we have been putting them together lately.

Forest School

We enjoyed learning how to make a fire and cooked ourselves some smores!

Bird Hide

Over half term, a bird hide appeared in the forest! We enjoyed exploring it. Also, we are starting to see 'Signs of Spring', one of them being crocuses. Some of them are being very brave and growing on the path, so we thought we would try and protect them by making them clearer.

Happier with the warmer weather

We are thankful for the warmer weather and sunny spring days and have managed to get our Lockdown Bubble outside to learn: reading; writing; and even hearing and helping each other with reading.

World Book Day

Year 6 enjoyed World Book Day! We wrote book reviews on our favourite books and then created reading dens to go and enjoy our books in.

'Bird Buffet!'

As part of our biodiversity focus, we have been monitoring the birds that visit Westover Green by taking surveys. Also, we have been topping up our feeders in the hope to attract and maintain the eco-system on school site; even created a bird buffet! We have been thoroughly enjoying identifying and watching the different species of birds that we have here at school.

All of year 6 have now returned to school - we are happy and excited to be back!


To help us understand character, we completed a drama exercise in English linked to our unit on 'Ruin'.


We had a look at a social media profile (created for the specific lesson) and were horrified with the amount of personal data that this person had left on display. We discussed what personal data is and how we can ensure that we can stay safe online.

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Year 6 have been studying key Innovators to Technology and Science this term; most recently, Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to the discovery of the Double Helix in DNA. As part of our Learning Expedition, the children took on the challenge of extracting DNA from a strawberry! This involved them creating an extraction solution, measuring, filtration, separation and observation.

Metamorphosis and Seed Planting

We have started two projects off since we have been back from lockdown.

1. Collecting frogspawn from our pond, setting it up in a tank in the classroom, to be able to observe metamorphosis over the next few weeks.

2. Planting sunflower seeds to go around our school site.

Times tables outdoors

We love any opportunity to work outside, and are thankful for a lovely school site in order to do so.

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