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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Remote Learning 2021 - 2022

With Covid still very much with us, government guidance directs schools to maintain their high-quality remote education offer for this academic year. This remote learning offer is to support children who test positive for Covid through a PCR test but remain well enough for learning. For children who are unwell with COVID there is NO expectation that they will complete learning remotely.

If children are well enough to learn from home, then as a school we need to provide remote education which is equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school. The hours of core learning are shown below. In addition to this, children should take regular breaks between learning sessions.

Reception - 1 - 2 hours

KS1 (Years 1 & 2) - 3 hours

KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) - 4 hours

Remote learning will consist of a termly guidance sheet with hyperlinks to high quality video instruction through The Oak National Academy and other suitable sites. Guidance sheets act as a ‘menu’ for children to select from. Children are not expected to complete all of the lessons on offer. Activities and lessons align as closely as possible to work covered in class.

Paper packs can be provided to support a balance between digital and paper-based learning. Please request these through the office.

If you require the loan of a school laptop – please contact the office:


01278 422943

If you have a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) we will work collaboratively with you to put in place reasonable adjustments so that your child can successfully access remote education.

If you have any questions about remote learning, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

EYFS Remote Learning

Reception Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 1 Remote Learning

Year 1 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 2 Remote Learning

Year 2 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 3 Remote Learning

Year 3 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 4 Remote Learning

Year 4 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 5 Remote Learning

Year 5 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance

Year 6 Remote Learning

Year 6 Term 2 Remote Education Guidance