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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Autism Centre

A message from Emma Clarke (teacher in charge)

Westover Green School's facility for Autistic children was officially opened on 30th January 2018 by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bridgwater, Councillor and Mrs Granter.

The centre can cater for 14 children and has a sensory room, calm room, outdoor play area, two classrooms and a kitchen area.

Children in the Autism Centre can access the mainstream classes for lessons but also receive specialised support in a calm setting when necessary.

Executive headteacher, at the time, Mrs Heather Good said: “We are absolutely delighted with this new autism centre and this is wonderful news for local children. We have a wonderful, happy community and this new centre and its staff are a superb addition.”

If your child has an ECHP and you would like to know more please phone the school and ask for Mrs Clarke our teacher in charge of the Autism Centre or Mrs Elliott, our SENCO.

Outside building Sensory 1 Sensory 2
Welcome to the Autism Centre Exploring our senses in the Sensory Room Exploring light and colour changing
French 1 French 2 French 3
Finding out about France on French Day Using our senses to explore French food Tasting something new
French 4 French 5 French 6
Exploring texture I like the colours on the Flag Using Lego to build a model of the Eiffel Tower
PJ Day PJ Dance Wake and Shake

Everyone enjoyed dressing

up for Pyjamarama Day - raising money for the book trust

Taking part in Wake and Shake during Health and Fitness Week Joining in with the whole school

Ash Class children enjoyed taking part in Westover's Wonderful Word Day This was our favourite word of the day Joining in with the mainstream Christmas party

I like tearing the paper Learning to take turns Oak Class enjoy playing 'Pass the parcel' at their Christmas party
We enjoyed Christmas crafts Learning how to play party games The winner of 'Pass the parcel' was over the moon with her prize!
We made Christmas biscuits at our Christmas Craft Afternoon - as you can see they were very tasty! Splashing around in the water tray! Lots of fun!

Reading a story about Bing. I like the colourful pictures. I can use paint and a paintbrush to create numbers! Making cloud dough for messy play

Creating magical witches' potions Working hard on my English - learning about fiction and non-fiction Learning how to make toast and be independent - yummy!
Playing together with the building blocks Making mittens Painting part of my jellyfish
Imaginative play with a box - Is it a boat? Is it a house? Is it a snail's shell?! Having fun in Forest School