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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Policies and other important documents

Clevedon Learning Trust Policies


-Code of Conduct for Governors and Trustees

-Complaints Policy

-Financial Procedures Policy

-Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Policy

-Gov Allowances Policy

-Health & Safety Policy Part A

-Purchasing Policy

-Risk Management Policy

-Whistleblowing Policy

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CLT Safeguarding Policy 2021 - Bridgwater Cluster WG

Westover Green Policies

-Attendance Policy

-Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy

-CCTV Policy

-Charging Policy

-Confidentiality Policy

-Data Protection Policy

-Digital Image Policy

-Equality and Diversity Policy

-Health and Safety Policy

-Medical Policy

-Online Safety Policy

-Pupil Premium Policy

-SEN Policy

-WG policy for dealing with persistent or vexatious complaints and harassment

Teaching and Learning

-Calculation Policy for Addition & Subtraction

-Calculation Policy for Multiplication and Division

-Gifted and Talented Policy

-Health, Relationship and Sex Education Policy

-Marking and Feedback Policy

-Homework Policy

-Remote Learning Policy (including MS Teams Code of Conduct for Children)

Important documents

-Accessibility Plan

-Admission Statement 2018

-Bereavement Guidance

-DfE RPA certificate of liability 2021-2022

-Display Energy Certificate

-Equality Action Plan

-Equality and Diversity statement

-Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

-GDPR Statement

-Lockdown Procedures

-School Learner Privacy Notice

-Catch Up Premium Strategy 2020-2021

-PE Sports Premium 2021-2022

-Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2022

-Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021

-School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2021-2022

-Latest Ofsted Report February 2022

-Ofsted Report January 2016