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Early Years Foundation Stage

Hello and a warm welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) page 2023-2024. EYFS consists of two classes called Plum Class and Mulberry Class. Mrs Csikos-Hazi is the class teacher of Plum class and Mrs Rossiter is the teacher of Mulberry class. We work as part of a team with Miss Lock, Miss Plenty, Miss Salter and Mrs Hodson as teaching assistants.

Curriculum Overview

EYFS Curriculum Overview


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Here is a link to someone saying the phonemes we learn in phonics. It is really important not to add any 'u' sounds when we read any letters. For example if we say the letter m we say 'mmmmm' rather than 'mu'. Please watch the video: Phonics sounds

If we add the 'u' and wanted to read a word such as man it would become muanu if we added the 'u' sound.

We really appreciate your support with helping your child to learn their phonics once they have started school.

Things parents can do to help