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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre



At Westover Green, we aim for our children to develop their experiences and understanding of computing and technologies so that they are prepared for jobs of the future while ensuring their safety online.

Online safety is woven through our curriculum ensuring children develop responsible attitudes to digital life, preparing them for the 21st Century.


Children’s discovery of the world of technology begins in the Early Years where they are provided with regular access to a range of devices in the learning environment such as interactive boards, ipads, bee-bots and Code ‘a’ pillars. Children are taught to recognise that technology is used in places such as homes and schools and they have opportunities to select and use technology for different purposes.

Following a large investment in IT infrastructure and hardware, including the purchase of laptop devices and ipads, pupils from year 1 to year 6 now have regular access to up-to-date technology.

At Westover, our curriculum is based around the skills progression and activities provided by eLIM through their Wessex planning which focuses on five key areas: Technology in Our Lives, Programming, Handling Data and Multimedia use and creation. We also utilise their e-safety modules called Active Bytes which are available from Reception to Year 6.

Computing is also embedded across the curriculum therefore progressing children's learning in all areas. For example, children are given the opportunity to create published work in English or use digital maps in Geography. Each child has access to the internet and is taught how to use it appropriately and safely alongside how search engines and websites operate. As pupils progress through key Stage 2 and develop their skills, they begin to be taught using a range of well-known software including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel which are widely used in the wider world.


By providing these opportunities to our children, we aim for them to be a positive part of the digital world that surrounds them, being responsible, respectful and safe in their use of the digital resources, allowing them to navigate confidently, be curious, creative and competent.

Year 3 - Using Scratch