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Westover Green Community School

Forest School

Forest School is the opportunity for children to learn in any outdoor space.  Originally started in Germany, it has flourished throughout Denmark and Finland and now the UK.  One of the joys of Forest School is that is accessible to all; children and adults including those with learning or physical disabilities etc.  It works particularly well with people who do not thrive in a more formal learning environment such as a classroom, allowing them to embrace education through alternative means.

The main aim of Forest School is to build self-esteem through practical, hands on opportunities.  Every child will be given the opportunity to be successful in all tasks with around 20% of the group being provided, by means of an extension to the task, further challenge.  Forest School is cross-curricular in nature working well with the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2 and can also be adapted to work in line with other Creative Curriculums.

Activities can vary from low to high level.  Low level activities may include exploring the woodland and identifying hazards, to collecting and sorting activities.  Shelter building using natural resources sourced from the woodland and knots and lashes shows progression towards more high level activities.  High level activities would include working with fires and the use of tools to make something which can be taken home or displayed at the end of the session.

Having a snack around a fire built by the children is also a great form of social interaction and something that the children may not have experienced previously.  Forest School allows children to get muddy and dirty which is again something which they may not have had the opportunity to do before.

By implementing Forest School at Westover Green children will be able to embrace their learning and take ownership of it through working outdoor with increasing independence.  The key point is that all children will achieve something through appropriate means and enjoy themselves.


Toasting Over a Fire Making Twig Towers Handling Newts
Hot Chocolate! Nature Puzzles Using Tools
Building Mini Shelters Creating an Autumn Crown Finished Forest Wands
Full concentration Pond dipping Sense of achievement
Spot the stick people Tactical games Whittling
Wrapping and knot tying Map Skills Orienteering
Team Building In all weather
Team Building In all weather