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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Forest School


Forest School at Westover Green offers hands on opportunities within our school woodland area and field to develop confidence, boost self-esteem and provide challenging yet achievable activities for all. We aim to increase the amount of time spent outdoors by all children across the school. Within this outdoor time we endeavour to provide exciting, inspiring activities that will encourage the children to enjoy being outdoors in all seasons and weather conditions, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle and a better understanding of our world around us and how to care for it. We promote positive attitudes towards sustainability, recycling and caring for our environment.

Activities range from simple scavenger hunts to more adventurous tasks such as fire lighting and tool use. Within these activities, we aim to develop areas such as perseverance, patience, team work, communication, problem solving, thinking skills, risk awareness and how to keep ourselves safe. Many of these skills are transferable into a classroom environment, allowing children to become more confident and independent learners.


Our Westover Green fox loves to explore the forest after we've all gone home! We have three fox cubs this year! Can you spot the badger?
Year one have looked at the footage from our new night camera and created some commands for our foxes. Year one have looked at the footage from our night camera and created some commands for our foxes. We've been pond dipping and finding lots of newts.
We found out about newt habitats and facts about the newts. Some of us faced a fear and held the newts. We found tadpoles too!
Frisbee Golf! We had to get our frisbee into the tyre in the fewest number of throws. We counted our score on each hole and added up the total as we went along.
Helping to create a campfire, toasting marshmallows and making smores!