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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre


At Westover Green French is part of the school curriculum for all KS2 pupils.

We begin by introducing the children to the country and culture of France and spend most of the first year concentrating on spoken language. Talking then leads on to reading simple French words and phrases. By Year 6, children are expected to be reading and writing basic French.

All of this learning is undertaken in an enjoyable way, with lots of reinforcement to help children grow in confidence.

French Progression

French club and our French link school

During French club at lunchtimes, some year 4 children made a video in French all about Bridgwater Carnival in order to tell the children in our French link school about one of our local events. The children learnt some new descriptive French vocabulary at the same time as building confidence in their French speaking! They also sent them a letter and posters too, and are hoping to receive something back from our partner school soon.

Mercredi Magnifique in Year 4 (Cedar Class)

In Cedar Class we read 'Berthe fait une pizza'. The children were inspired to create their own plates of food and label them in French. They loved trying the different food and attempting to speak French throughout the day. However their favourite part of the day was creating Cedar Class Cafe complete with French menus, food and practising greetings.

Mercredi Magnifique in Year 1 (Apple Class)

We read 'Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ce soir?' and learned some of the names of foods in french. We practised speaking in french by asking for different french foods and then counting out the money to pay for it in french! We loved the food.

Mercredi Magnifique in Year 3 (Holly Class)

We read 'Berthe fait une pizza' and then designed and labelled our own pizzas! We then made our own French bread pizza.

We tasted different French food such as brioche, crepes, baguette and brie.