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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Religious Education at Westover Green


At Westover Green, we believe in the importance of developing good relationships throughout all aspects of school, and everyday, life. Religious Education has a crucial part to play in helping children to recognise and appreciate the contribution religion has made to how many people see the world. We believe it is important not only to learn about religion, but also to learn from religion.

RE and the Three Statutory Aims of the Curriculum

In terms of curriculum development, there are three statutory aims. The three statutory aims of the curriculum are to develop successful learners (who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve), confident individuals (who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives) and responsible citizens (who make a positive contribution to society). Religious Education plays a significant role in the progression of these principal aims.

Westover Green Religious Education Programme of Study

The school follows the agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Somerset and North Somerset entitled “Awareness, Mystery and Value”.

Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with the Education Act 1996 and the School Standards and Framework Act 1988, parents/ carers of pupils at Westover Green have the right to request that their child be excused from all or part of the RE provided. We ensure that parents who want to withdraw their children from RE are aware that RE is taught in an objective way that is relevant to all pupils and respects their own personal beliefs. These parents/ carers are also made aware of what is covered in the RE curriculum and are given opportunity to discuss this, if they wish.

The RE Curriculum in Action


It was an absolute pleasure to be able to celebrate Harvest with our traditional Harvest Festival Service at Westfield Church.

Key Stage 2 sang ‘Harvest Samba’ and ‘Creator God’, whilst Key Stage 1 took everyone along on a ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ journey. Year 2 read a poem about ‘Harvest Time’ and Year 3 recognised ‘What a Wonderful World’ we live in. Together, all Westover Green pupils reflected on those who we need to thank for our food.

However, at the heart of Westover Green Community School is ‘Community’; and once again, the ‘Westover Green Community’, overwhelmed us with their generosity in Food Bank donations.

Year 3- What do Jewish people believe about G-d and the Covenant and Torah?

We learned about the Jewish holy book- the Torah.

Did you know that the Torah is written in a language called Hebrew, which is read from right to left?

We applied our learning to making our own Torah-style scrolls.