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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Curriculum Intent:

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre we understand the foundational role of the prime areas of communication and language, personal social and emotional development, and physical development. We value the importance of providing rich language and communication opportunities alongside listening and attention focused activities to enable a child to thrive. Every child is recognised as a unique individual and we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.

The ability to learn is underpinned using the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts, and values. We provide an engaging broad and balanced curriculum with lots of first hand, practical experiences to support children’s learning and ensure a child develops in all areas of learning. We recognise the importance of providing appropriate support so a child is supported but can still become an independent, resilient learner and stay engaged in their learning, even when the process is challenging. We create an enabling environment where children can develop their own independence and confidence.

At Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre our intent is to teach early reading in a systematic and structured way using Letters and Sounds to build children’s phonics knowledge.

We intend:

  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points
  • To identify children’s interests and provide opportunities throughout our EYFS provision to support their learning, consolidate, and deepen knowledge to ensure each child meets their next steps
  • To deliver a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all our children, including disadvantaged children and those with SEND
  • To prepare children to reach the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Foundation Stage
  • To ensure all children make good progress from their starting points on entry
  • To ensure all children have a rich diet of stories, books and poems to develop language and stimulate imaginations and creativity

Curriculum Implementation:

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework Guidance alongside Development Matters. This framework specifies the requirement for learning and development in the Early Years and provides prime and specific areas of learning we must cover in our curriculum. Children are assessed continuously through accurate and important observations within the early years.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we deliver a curriculum that is engaging and fun with topics that capture imaginations and develop children's creativity. We encourage active learning to help children feel motivated, interested and independent to choose their own learning. We take time to get to know the children and discover their likes and interests. All areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum are planned for and adapted when needed. We plan our provision carefully to ensure we can identify any gaps in children’s learning and encourage children to enhance and extend current knowledge Planning for the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to be flexible so that a child’s unique interests are supported and encouraged. Children explore through a mixture of play-based learning and adult directed learning. Children’s learning is supported in our indoor classrooms, our outside classrooms, our playground, our garden area, and our forest school. We believe that this variety of opportunities encourages independent learning.

Early reading is important in our Early Years Foundation Stage as we know that early reading can unlock a child’s potential for learning. We follow a systematic and structured approach to phonics using Letters and Sounds to build children’s phonic knowledge and skills. We teach whole class phonics and ensure children with any gaps are identified quickly. Regular story books are shared with the children to ensure they are taught to understand what they have heard.

The children will learn skills, knowledge and demonstrate good understanding in the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Art and Design

Our continuous provision provides children with a fantastic opportunity to develop key life skills such as independence, creativity, enquiry, problem solving, innovation, as well as many more key skills. During daily guided activities opportunities and focus can be provided to assist children to develop their next steps in learning. Observation and discussion help us to ensure good levels of progress are made for all children.

The partnership between teachers, support staff, and parents enables our children to feel secure and have a sense of well-being.

Curriculum Impact:

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we strive to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure progress from children’s starting point at Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre. The impact of our curriculum is measured by assessment procedures which allow us to measure outcomes against all schools nationally.

We have had visits from other schools within the Clevedon Learning Trust who have commented on “the children engaged in their learning” and “the children being independent learners in continuous provision due to carefully planned activities.”

The impact of our curriculum will also be measured by how effectively it helps our children develop into well rounded individuals who embrace our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners and valuable future citizens. We endeavour for pupils to be Key Stage 1 ready and have our school values embedded by the time they leave the foundation stage, preparing them for their future.

Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum overview EYFS

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