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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

School Attendance

At Westover Green a pupil's attendance is of vital importance in helping them to secure a good education and to access the learning opportunities being made available to them throughout the school day.

Attendance and lateness is tracked and monitored very carefully by the school attendance team (Headteacher, School Business Administrator, School Business Assistant and Home School Liaison Worker). Additionally, the school is supported by a linked Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). Children are required to maintain an attendance of 96% and above.

For those children who's attendance falls below this level the school will start to follow the school monitoring attendance procedure. Parents are informed and asked to improve attendance or may be invited to meetings to discuss their child's attendance. If poor attendance is the result of an on-going medical matter, a letter to gain consent to approach the GP for confirmation will be issued.

In extreme cases of continued non-attendance a Penalty Notice will be issued.

Term time leave

Term time leave must be requested in writing to the school in advance of the leave via a term time leave request form. Only requests with exceptional circumstances will be considered. Those parents who take their children out of school without prior consent put themselves at risk of receiving a penalty notice (We actively instruct penalty fines).

Attendance Incentives

Pre Covid, to recognise and celebrate those pupils who have excellent attendance at school, certificates and prizes were awarded and will be relaunched in the spring term 2022.

  • We have a weekly Attendance League where classes gain points for their attendance and punctuality.
  • A "Class of the Week" certificate is awarded in both key stages to the class who has the highest weekly attendance.
  • Each term those children with 100% attendance are given a certificate to celebrate their achievements and they become members of the 100% Club.
  • Also at the end of the academic year those children with 100% for the whole school year are given a certificate and a 100% attendance medal.
  • Positive letters are sent out termly to reflect improvements in attendance.