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Westover Green Community School and Autism Centre

We believe that school uniform is important because it


  • Looks smart
  • Wears well
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Gives a common purpose
  • Fosters a sense of pride

We ask that all children wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.

 Our school uniform is as follows

Bottle green sweatshirt, jumper, or cardigan, white or green t-shirt, grey/black skirt, pinafore dress or trousers and dark school shoes, not trainers.

Green check summer dress for girls.

School uniform is now freely available from most supermarkets but Hooks of Bridgwater and Goldstar sell uniform with our school logo on.

Trainers can be brought into school which can be changed into at playtimes to avoid damage to their school shoes.

Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc. should be fairly simple and if possible in school colours.

 Parents are asked to ensure that all items are labelled clearly with their child’s name.

 For safety reasons we ask that the children do not wear jewellery in school. This includes earrings of any kind.

We do not allow football shirts to be worn in school.

 PE Kit

For health and safety reasons it is important that children are properly dressed for any physical activity.

Our uniform for PE is as follows

A white/green t-shirt, a pair of black shorts and a pair of daps or trainers.

All children will need a swimming costume / trunks and a towel at certain times in the year.

PE kit should be brought to school in a named bag. It should be kept in school and returned home for washing at weekends / holidays.